Never Stop Travelling


Though there are no three ingredients for a perfect, playful travel adventure, we think “sun, sea and sweet treats” certainly comes close. What could be a more pleasurable travel indulgence than stretching out on the white sands of some tropical paradise and taking a moment to savour the rich, playful flavours of new Red Velvet Magnum? Hardly a normal day at the office.

That is unless your Lauren Bullen, aka @gypsea_lust, whose life is a sun speckled dream of travel and discovery—she fully embraces our belief that you should never stop playing. So who better to speak to about the ins and outs of having a little fun in the sun, whilst enjoying a Magnum, than her?

What is it about travel that inspires you?

I love to explore new places. Before visiting somewhere, I’ll do nothing but dream and fantasize about it, so when I get there and start wandering around it’s so much fun to see how it compares in real life to my imagining. The whole process fills me with creativity—when I visit a new place I want to see, eat and discover everything.

If you could pack your bags and go, where in the world would you want to be tomorrow?

If I could wake up anywhere in the world? Tahiti! I’ve heard and read so much about it—I’m just dying to get there.

Where would your perfect sun soaked holiday be?

On a secluded tropical island in the middle of the ocean. I’d spend the days eating fresh tropical fruits and laying on pristine white sands under clear blue skies. There’d also have to be a jungle to explore and a waterfall to jump off. Oh! And the island would have all kinds of underwater animals living around it. Now that’s my kind of travel GOAL!

Do you have one treat you just can’t travel without?

Gelatoooo! Doesn’t matter what kind… so long as it’s rich, creamy and delicious.

Do you have any destinations you’d recommend to other wanderlusters out there?

Too many to name! But if I had to choose, I’d say: Samoa, because it’s an unbelievable tropical paradise, Greece, because… come on? Who doesn’t love that place! And Bali because beaches, waterfalls, goood food, deep culture and lots of smiling faces!

Where does your first bite of new Red Velvet Magnum whisk you away to?

As soon as I crack through the delicious chocolate shell and the rich cream cheese flavoured ice cream hits me, my heart’s a flutter and I’m in Paris, city of love and all things romantic.

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