Red Velvet

Afternoon delight

Whether catching up with friends over coffee or just taking five minutes out of the workday madness to enjoy a moment of peace—there’s no better time to indulge in a little sweet treat than mid-afternoon.

And if you’re going to spoil yourself, why settle for a boring biscuit or uninspiring muffin when there’s far more pleasure to be had in the playful, the theatrical and the glamorous. We took inspiration from the vibrant colours and rich flavours of the cake world’s most dramatic member, the ever striking red velvet cake, and created a new Magnum bar perfectly suited for those mid-afternoon moments where the urge to indulge comes knocking.

Featuring chocolate and cream cheese flavoured ice cream, with a cream cheese flavoured white chocolate coating, it’s a deliciously decadent dessert double act—all the drama of red velvet cake, with the luxury of Magnum ice cream.

Cake or ice cream? Why not both? Never again will you find yourself torn between two afternoon treats—you can have your cake and eat it.    

Inside Magnum

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Tastes of Magnum

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