An Iconic Easter

What could be better than sharing a decadent chocolate moment with friends this Easter?

A host of golden daffodils. Sit beside a tray of desserts. Take a seat at the table. Allow the day to unfold. Smile as friends lay spoons out, all in a row. Pull off the lid, squeeze a fresh tub with both hands and watch as the Magnum classic chocolate eases gently away from the sides. Wriggle your nose in delight as you hear the spoon crack into the first layer of smooth chocolate. It’s deeper than you expect. Expose a swirl of velvety vanilla ice cream and thick chocolate shards beneath. The sweet scent of roasted cocoa beans floats through the room. Rainforest Alliance farmers carefully choose the highest quality cocoa seed pods. These are used to make the richest chocolate paste.

As this laid-back Easter brunch menu comes to a close, it’s a new delicious accompaniment that elevates the mood in the room. Anticipated faces wait as the creamy vanilla ice-cream is scooped from each tub into delicate spheres filled with indulgent Belgian chocolate shards. The classic combination is the finest marriage of flavours. The velvety texture of vanilla blends with the fruity bite of cocoa. An exquisite balance. Once the chocolate is cracked pick up the shards with your fingers and savour them. Laugh through chocolate soaked lips.

Others crunch into bite-sized chocolate Bomboneria. Classic, white and nutty ice cream orbs are laid out on marble plates ready to be devoured in two swift bites. Symbolic, almost egg-shaped. These expertly crafted bites make sharing chocolate among friends easy.

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