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We love film, we love fashion

We believe a day without pleasure is a day lost.

So make time to indulge in a little glamour. #Magnifique

It’s time to talk ‘me time’

Is staying in the new going out? This summer the new trend is for some indulgent ‘you’ time. Just snuggle up on the sofa, put your favourite film on, your phone on silent and treat yourself to a new Magnum tub. Its rich chocolate shards are swirled in velvety vanilla ice cream and wrapped in a cracking chocolate shell that was made to be broken.


What makes Magnum

A rich coat of chocolate, ice cream infused with Madagascan Bourbon vanilla. This is how a Magnum is made.


History of Chocolate

Discover the fascinating history of the world’s favourite sweet treat...


What is milk chocolate?

Creamy and smooth in texture, milk chocolate is loved the world over. Discover what makes it so special.


What is dark chocolate?

Luxurious, bittersweet and always tempting. Dark chocolate is a treat that’s rich in flavour and deep in colour.


What is white chocolate?

White chocolate’s luscious creaminess makes it the perfect match for ice cream. But what is it that makes White Chocolate so delectable?


Ice Cream Sundays

Beautiful weekends make life pleasurable. Saturdays are for coffee and culture, long lunches and late nights, while Sundays have always been the perfect time to relax, indulge and treat yourself.

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The Dream Magnum Collection

Explore our gallery of Dream Magnums, customised by Pleasure Seekers everywhere.

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Indulge with Magnum and Regent Street

Magnum and Regent Street have teamed up for a celebration of luxury fashion and indulgent treats to celebrate the Magnum Double range.

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Create your dream Magnum

Experience a new indulgence. Only in our Pleasure Store.

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Dare to Indulge

Supermodel Kendall Jenner unleashes her wild side to celebrate the launch of Magnum Double in Cannes.

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Magnum X Kendall

Discover Kendall Jenner’s bespoke Magnum ice cream as she takes to our famous Magnum Dipping Bar in Cannes.

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Vie Magnifique

You’re true to yourself when you’re true to your pleasure. Magnum Vie Magnifique presents three striking films that capture those moments worth seeking.

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