Magnum Solar Eclipse

MAGNUM New York Offers an Eclipse-Worthy Event

The MAGNUM NEW YORK store located in the Meatpacking District crafted a Solar Eclipse-themed bar to celebrate the big blackout.

In celebration of the August 2017 Solar Eclipse, one of the most monumental astronomical events of the century, MAGNUM New York designed a limited-edition Solar Eclipse bar for visitors. This day marked the first total solar eclipse in the United States in 38 years, where, in New York, the moon covered approximately 86% of the sun for just over 2 minutes.

The signature Solar Eclipse MAGNUM bar was dipped in dark chocolate and featured exclusive toppings, including edible 24K gold flakes, orange drizzle and a limited-edition gold MAGNUM chocolate emblem.

To top-off this indulgent celebration, the MAGNUM New York dipping bar also went completely dark by featuring only “dark toppings.”   Pleasure seekers had the opportunity to create their own Solar Eclipse MAGNUM bar with limited and decadent toppings, such as: dark chocolate crisp pearls, black lava sea salt, chopped brownie bits and espresso sugar.

While the darkness of the eclipse was only temporary, MAGNUM New York will remain open until late September for visitors to create their own customized Magnum bars.


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