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The Pleasure Of Being True To Yourself

We believe that #PleasureIsDiverse, that pleasure is a birth right for all people. No matter who you are, where you come from or where you’re going, we all deserve to live in a society that’s more open, inclusive and accepting. Because it’s by embracing and accepting our true selves that we can become our best selves, free to enjoy a more pleasurable life.

As huge supporters of all things pleasurable, we feel it’s our duty to encourage, endorse and celebrate an acceptance of people brave enough to stand up for who they are. How you live your life is a decision only you can make, but by deciding to be true to yourself we think you’re contributing a little more individual freedom and a little more individual pleasure to the wonderfully diverse canvas of our society.

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It’s this diversity that we believe should be positively championed, promoted and treasured. After all, a day without pleasure is a day lost—we’re only here for a finite number of turns around the sun, so there’s no point wasting time. We all deserve to experience more pleasure in life by being true to who we really are.

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