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Butterfly, it’s never too late for pleasure. Anime Pleasure tale showing an older man re-discovering the pleasures of life





Directed by Kellan Stover

It’s never too late for pleasure​

​We meet an older man who’s been sucked in by routine. Every day he gets up at the same time, puts on a tie, takes the train to work, then back home, and repeats. His life has become gray, and the worse part is he hasn’t even noticed.​

One day, something makes him break the cycle. He’s not sure why, but he decides to get off the train before his stop. He sits down to watch a man painting at a park, a man that looks a lot like him, only a few years older. This small change sets off a chain reaction of events that will end up bringing some colour into this man’s life. 


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  • Magnum collaborated with Anime artists and created an Anime Pleasure Tale: Konnichiwa. A powerful statement about our very human need to search for pleasure.

  • This year, Magnum is partnering with multi-platinum singer, songwriter and activist Halsey to inspire and encourage everyone to be true to themselves.