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The fine art of treating yourself

The secret to enjoying life that little bit more? It’s simple: don’t be afraid to actually let yourself enjoy it from time to time. The moment we stop playing is the moment we stop living—and there’s nothing more playful than the odd indulgence now and then.

Fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger Lisa Hamilton (@seewantshop)certainly isn’t afraid to let herself indulge in the sweeter things life has to offer, like our new Red Velvet Magnum. So we invited her to talk about the fine art of treats, sweets and indulgence.

Lisa Hamilton holds her Dream Magnum

Describe your ultimate food indulgence…

Chocolate. Always. It’s just pure pleasure, isn’t it? I don’t think there’s a single other food that so perfectly encapsulates the straightforward joy of spoiling yourself like an amazing piece of chocolate.

Have you always loved ice cream?

Growing up in Australia, ice-cream was a permanent fixture in our freezer. But that’s not to say we were eating it all day, every day. My family used to treat it as something special to have after dinner—which is still a habit I have to this day. And I can’t see myself breaking that habit anytime soon.

How do you discover new treats to inspire your followers?

I’m more of a “field” treat seeker than an online snooper. Sure, I’ll spend time exploring foodie blogs and Instagram accounts, but more than anything I love getting out and finding new restaurants and cafes to try in the real world. I’m a big believer in word of mouth—if lots of people are saying lots of good things about a place, I’ll be front of the queue as quickly as possible.

Dream Magnum featured with handbag

What makes the new Red Velvet Magnum the perfect indulgence?

Well, why have one treat when you can have two combined together? It’s every cupcake and ice-cream lover's fantasy rolled up into one luxurious pocket of pure pleasure.

Given the chance to create your own dream Red Velvet Magnum, what would the recipe include?

It would be a super sweet and oh-so-indulgent combination of honeycomb pieces, white chocolate, cookie dough, raspberries and macadamias.

Three Dream Magnums

What photo would you post showing the Red Velvet Magnum?

I’d keep it simple and let the ice cream do the talking—just a clean shot of the Magnum bar in front a minimal background to show it off in all it's delicious glory.



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