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The sweeter side of life

It's the simple pleasures that make life worth living - time spent with loved ones, a long walk on a sunny Saturday morning, treating yourself to a little moment of pleasure by enjoying a delicious, indulgent ice cream… we think it’s important to never stop playing.

It’s a philosophy passionately shared by lifestyle blogger Katherine Dorrington (@katherinedorrington). So we rolled out the red velvet carpet and invited her to experience a little moment of playful pleasure with the new Red Velvet Magnum. Here’s what she had to say.

Food connects us all. What’s your ultimate foodie indulgence?

A leisurely meal cooked by an inventive chef, with matching wines, that I can share with my closest friends would be my idea of pure foodie bliss.

Where does your passion for ice cream come from?

’ve loved ice cream since I was a child—and it’s a love I’m not likely to grow out of any time soon. Australia is known for its searing summers and I have vivid memories of surviving the heat with scoop after scoop of cool and refreshing ice cream.

A custom Magnum Mini blends into a floral arrangement

Where do you find delicious new treats for your Instagram?

Generally, it’ll be from other Instagram accounts I follow—it’s definitely a fantastic place to stumble upon some irresistible looking new treat that I know I’ll immediately have to whip up and try. I can’t even begin to count the number of times I’ve been inspired to try out something that I’ve seen on there (even if they sometimes don’t come out quite as perfectly as the original poster.)

How would you describe the taste of Red Velvet Magnum?

Like it was made especially for me—it’s a perfectly balanced mixture of my favourite flavours in an exciting new format.

What would your dream Red Velvet Magnum recipe include?


Dream Magnum on white marble

Post a photo showing off the Red Velvet Magnum

A rich, sumptuous and abundant photo showcasing my favourite flavours that’s as much a feast for the eyes as the new Red Velvet Magnum is for the taste buds.



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