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5 Decadent Treats To Dip Into Chocolate 

Chocolate. Just the word is enough to set the mind racing in all kinds of indulgent directions.

Sweet, rich, dark, bitter, creamy and always completely sensual, there’s no other flavour that quite captures the essence of pure pleasure like the magic of chocolate. So, of course, that’s the only food luxurious enough for our decadent ice cream bars to be dipped head to toe in.

But the possibilities for pleasure are almost endless when it comes to other goodies that sing a little more sweetly when coated in a layer of delectable chocolate.

Here are a few of our favourites you can try at home for a decadent treat.

Fresh Fruit

There’s an irresistibly mischievous edge about taking something as wholesome as fresh fruit and giving it a deliciously decadent chocolate twist. Try dipping fruits like strawberries, raspberries, citrus segments and bananas into melted dark chocolate, then leaving it to cool—the sweetness of the fruit plays beautifully with the rich, bitter tones of the chocolate. Who knew getting your five-a-day could be such a treat?

Fresh strawberries with Magnum and coffee


Give a childhood favourite a grown-up edge by adding an extra dimension of fun to the soft and fluffy sweetness of marshmallows. When it comes to true decadence, the only option is to go big—so opt for giant marshmallows that really maximize the pleasure. And why not let your playful side loose even more? Try rolling freshly dipped marshmallows in toppings like chocolate sprinkles, popping candy or edible rose petals—go on and indulge your imagination.

Mini Pretzels

If you thought it impossible to make these deliciously moreish little knots even more irresistible, just wait until you try them dipped in your favourite chocolate. White, milk, dark—whatever your preference, once the chocolate has cooled, your left with a little crunchy mouthful of sweet and salty bliss. For an extra indulgence, try adding a swirl of dulce de leche or salted caramel to the top. Now that’s decadent.


There are few cultures more passionate about chocolate than the French—so for an indulgent treat that’s filled with joie de vivre, try dipping France’s much loved little confectionaries into your favourite chocolate. Brightly coloured, melt in your mouth meringue coated in a layer of sensual chocolate—we think it’s a delightfully playful mix of elegance, refinement and indulgent fun. Bon Appétit!

Your Favourite Magnum

For the serious pleasure seekers out there, there’s only one course of action when it comes to chocolate dipped indulgence—after all, what could be more sumptuously pleasurable than taking your favourite Magnum bar and double dipping it in chocolate?



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