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Introducing Chocolate & Hazelnut Praliné – a luxurious new addition

A delectable combination of intense hazelnut ice cream, thick Belgian chocolate and crunchy caramelised hazelnut pieces makes new Chocolate & Hazelnut Praliné an unforgettable addition to the Magnum family.

Get under its irresistible shell

Let’s start from the inside – the ice cream at the heart of our latest creation. Made from slow-roasted hazelnuts, luscious cream and just a hint of caramel, it’ll satisfy even the most ardent of nut lovers. Then it’s dipped in sumptuous Belgian milk chocolate that’s been expertly prepared (a process known as conching) to create the perfect Magnum ‘crack’.

And the indulgence doesn’t stop there… For a delicious nutty finale, we’ve added roasted hazelnut pieces, caramelised in traditional copper pans, for a heightened flavour sensation.

Complete indulgence

Inspired by the luxury chocolate collections handcrafted by master Belgian chocolatiers, Magnum Chocolate & Hazelnut Praliné is a pleasure worth giving in to. Our expert makers have refined the composition to reduce the amount of sugar, while maximising the enjoyment you experience. By using ethically-sourced ingredients that offer unrivalled flavours, Magnum Chocolate & Hazelnut Praliné lets you indulge every sense from the moment you unwrap it.

Enjoy every second

When you choose a Magnum Chocolate & Hazelnut Praliné, prepare to enter a unique world of sensations. The intensity of flavour, the unmistakeable cracking of chocolate, the mastery of premium ingredients expertly brought together for you to enjoy. A moment of pure, unadulterated indulgence that you can’t help but lose yourself in. It’s everything you deserve and more - the ultimate pleasure seeker’s delight.



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