PNG - Magnum Hazelnut Luxe 80ml

Hazelnut Luxe

Es krim hazelnut dengan lapisan cokelat Belgia tebal dengan hazelnut karamel


Contains soy lecithin, milk and hazelnuts. May contain wheat, pieces of peanuts and other tree nuts


                                Ukuran Saji 80 ml
                                Sajian Per Kontainer 1
Per 100gr Angka Per Porsi
Kalori 230
Calories From Fat 130
Total Lemak 14
Lemak Jenuh 9
Salt 55
Total Karbohidrat 23
Gula 16
Protein 3


Chocolate, sugar, coconut oil, milk solids (skimmed milk powder, whey protein concentrate), glucose syrup, hazelnut (4.28%) (paste and pieces), cocoa powder, contains permitted emulsifier (INS 471-plant origin), Stabilisers (INS 412, INS 410, INS 407) and flavouring substance of plant and synthetic origin and salt.