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What makes Magnum

If you love Magnum, you’ll recognise that blissful feeling when you bite into the thick smooth coating of chocolate and the crack as it breaks away to reveal the velvety vanilla ice cream. There’s a long journey full of craft, love and dedication that goes into creating that moment of pleasure. Ever wondered what makes a Magnum? 

What Makes a Magnum

Our Rich and Smooth Chocolate

Our Rainforest Alliance farmers handpick the ripest cocoa pods growing on the trunks of cocoa trees. Having worked on small, family farms for generations, they know a promising pod when they see one.

Each pod contains 30 to 50 cocoa beans. Our farmers carefully cocoon the extracted beans inside banana leaves and leave them to ferment for eight days, to bring out the beans’ fruity flavour and smell.

After the beans have dried, our farmers single out the best ones to ensure only the finest make it to the next step.

Once they’ve been roasted, the beans are ground into a cocoa paste and blended with the unique Magnum recipe that our chefs have crafted over 28 years. Then, they’re ready for conching: the ingredients are mixed for hours with great care until they reach the perfect texture and flavour, and the chocolate emerges refined and silky, ready to meet our vanilla ice cream.

What is chocolate

The Velvety Ice Cream

The vanilla beans used in our Magnum Ice Cream come from the fertile SAVA region in Madagascar,  the basis of our rich and velvety vanilla ice cream.

The fruit of the orchid vanilla planifolia, is grown by local Rainforest Alliance farmers, who are proud of providing this precious natural raw material for our Major Ice Cream Brand. The vanilla orchids are hand-pollinated by skilled Vanilla farmers, one flower at a time.

Once the pods are ripe and harvested, they’re bathed in hot water. Then they are laid under the sun every day and rolled into blankets every night for 35 days.

Once they have dried, they are cured in wooden crates, where they will shrink to one quarter of their original weight. When sliced lengthwise, the pod will reveal a black, caviar-like mass of countless vanilla seeds, exuding the sweet, fragrant and floral aroma that gives our vanilla ice cream its signature flavour.

What Makes a Magnum

Listen to the Sound of the Crack

When our ice cream is finally ready, it is dipped into just the right amount of chocolate, creating the optimal thickness that gives us the inimitable Magnum crack. It’s the sound of our dedication, the love and care we put into crafting the great Magnum crack – a sound of pure pleasure...


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