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Coconut Crush

Intensely sweet and creamy. The aromatic scent of coconut will whisk you away to dream on sandy shores.

Coconut Crush

Where do Coconuts come from?

Coconuts have been cultivated by people for thousands of years, but no one is really sure where they originate. This is because coconuts are expert colonisers – the seeds are superb at floating! The little brown husks sail all over the world. Whenever they wash up on a friendly shore where the weather is warm, they grow a fresh crop of plants.

Coconut palms have been called ‘the tree of life’ because you can get so much from them – drink, fibre, food, fuel, tools, musical instruments, and much more. It’s a wonderfully versatile plant.

Coconut Crush

Why is Coconut trendy right now?

Raw coconut is highly nutritious and has lots of fibre, vitamins and minerals. Coconut oil is often used in cooking or can be spread over the body and hair as a natural moisturiser.
Coconut water is tapped from very young coconuts, while their skin is still green. It’s a good source of electrolytes so it makes a tasty after-sport drink. As coconuts age the sweet water solidifies to become the fleshy, juicy meat that can be scooped out of the centre – and mixed with delicious ice cream. 

Coconut Crush

Magnum Double Coconut

Velvety, smooth coconut ice cream dipped in a chocolately coating and a layer of luscious chocolate sauce, covered in cracking Magnum chocolate.

Coconut Crush


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