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Serious Style, Serious Pleasure

This summer, Magnum is here to celebrate a world-class style icon –Sonam Kapoor and her near-revered sartorial excellence simply steals hearts! The reason for her impeccable sense of dressing? Taking style seriously. She takes pleasure in the art of fashion and in making every outfit she dons, a passion project. The queen of experimental style reflects the true essence of Magnum - serious style brought to life by serious pleasure. Inspired by this affinity between Magnum and Sonam Kapoor, here’s introducing a collaboration that defines a confluence of Pleasure and Style.

MagnumXSonam present The Style Project, a mini web series where the diva revels in the pleasure of decoding her personal style mastery. It’s a style tell-all you wouldn’t want to miss!

Flavours of Style

Much like Magnum, Sonam’s sense of style drips with indulgence.

The secret to her sensational taste? Taking pleasure in stepping away from fashion norms and trotting out on the town, exuding an unpredictably perfect sense of style. She breaks free from rules and dares to craft a unique brand of style that she pulls off with aplomb. She takes style... Seriously. Magnum with Sonam are here to define pleasurable style and inspire you to craft your own. It’s time to serve looks with an extra side of ‘oompf’ with fashion secrets and trivia from the diva herself!

Dare to Style

Creating a chic Magnum-inspired look in 10 minutes? A piece of cake for the ultimate style icon, Sonam K. Ahuja! But here’s the twist... An outfit that works just as fabulously for an evening occasion as it does for a daytime event. Watch how the queen of the red carpet takes on this challenge with absolute flair!

Style Confessions

It’s flavours of fun, pleasure and style in this episode! Sonam spills the beans about her on-fleek style in a game of Never-Have-I-Ever as she devours her bar of Magnum and  confesses her style secrets. With Magnum as her indulgent treat, how can it not be a pleasurable experience!

Pleasure Trends 2019

Following the crowd when it comes to style? Not Sonam’s cup of tea… Or should we say flavour of choice! From playing around with textures to layering it up, the diva breaks down her style obsessions of 2019 with a sprinkling of advice: When it doubt, Magnum it out!

Magnum Opus | The Style Project Finale

It’s a sensational melange of style! The series finale brings together Sonam Kapoor and her squad strutting their stuff and redefining style. The perfect accessory to jazz up every look? A decadent bar of Magnum Ice Cream - a true hallmark of Serious Style and Serious Pleasure.


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  • Our ultimate indulgence for true pleasure seekers. Delicious ice cream covered in a chocolatey layer, luscious sauce and a final crack of Magnum chocolate.

  • You can now make your own Magnum as stylish and glamorous as Lovely Pepa’s crystallised violet treat. Find her perfect Magnum recipe here.

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