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What is luxury?

Luxury can be a sensory experience, something special, or precious. It has the potential to unlock dreams and the power to take you somewhere else. Sometimes it can even be a way to time travel and escape.

In a world where we all live in busy cities, time has become a recognised luxury in itself. So if luxury is valuing time and space in special moments, which of these can we create? Can we find ways of making the everyday more luxurious?

Here are some of our favourites. Taking in the view of the city from a balcony. Relaxing on the sofa after a long day. How about silence and a good book, watching your favourite film or a sumptuous bubble bath.

Now you have made the time, add in some small luxuries. When it comes to a bubble bath, wrap your hair up in a towel and fill the air with your favourite fragrant bubble bath. Add some softening bath salts and scented oils and submerge your body while you watch the flicker of a candle. Take some time all to yourself, totally undisturbed.

Could this moment be even better? Why not pair it with your favourite Magnum ice cream stick. For bath times, we suggest the Magnum Praliné stick. Indulgent hazelnut ice cream dipped in cracking Magnum Belgian chocolate and topped with chunky hazelnut pieces is the perfect complement to foam.

Luxury can also mean taking care of the small details. Magnum takes pride in the art of fine ice cream. Everything has carefully been thought out, it is expertly crafted, carefully designed and sustainably sourced. Hundreds of Magnum ice cream experts have developed your favourite flavours with their unique skills. Using Madagascan vanilla beans to ensure perfectly firm and slow melting gourmet ice cream and ripe cocoa beans chosen meticulously by Rainforest Alliance farmers.

We invite you to seek the luxury of time and steal moments of quiet decadence with Magnum.