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We all deserve to enjoy pleasure

Individuality is fabulous. We believe it is vital and that it should be embraced and cherished by all.  

No matter who you are, where you’ve been or where you’re going, the thing that brings us all together is that we’re all so remarkably different. Instead of being bland and uniform, we’re a bouquet of contrasts and textures and flavours, with each of us strutting through life along our own private catwalk. And we think a big part of embracing and celebrating this fantastic diversity is by indulging our collective right to enjoy a little more pleasure in life.

We believe pleasure is inclusive of everyone, regardless of what they’re passionate about. In our mind, pleasure doesn’t cross its arms, block the door, look you up and down and say “where do you think you’re going?”. No, pleasure is a borderless country. A place where everyone’s welcome and everyone’s equal. Though pleasure should be accepted with equality by all corners of society, there are still many barriers standing in the way of us all truly being able to embrace it. Whether they’re societal barriers or personal barriers, we say that anything standing in the way of us all living that little more pleasurably needs to be torn down. We believe we should all be free to be the best version of ourselves and enjoy the pleasures unique to us.

And we deserve nothing less than that—because pleasure is a birth right, and a life without pleasure is no life at all.

That’s the belief that we at Magnum have held since 1989. And it’s something that we reflect in every deliciously indulgent Magnum ice cream we create. We want to produce moments of pure pleasure inspired by all the unique shapes, flavours and textures that weave together this diverse tapestry we’re all a part of. We want to offer a chance for everyone to fully embrace the idea of pleasure—even if it’s only in the moment that they’re enjoying an ice cream.


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