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Magnum Ruby

Introducing the new Magnum Ruby

After Dark, Milk and White chocolate; Ruby is the most extraordinary chocolate discovery in the last 80 years. 

The newly discovered fourth type of chocolate, Ruby, meets ice cream for the first time with Magnum, giving you the opportunity to indulge in an authentic Ruby experience.

New Magnum RUby

An indulgent velvety white chocolate ice cream, enriched with a luscious raspberry sauce swirl and coated in Magnum’s signature cracking Ruby couverture chocolate, Magnum Ruby is the ultimate luxury ice cream. Ruby chocolate is not bitter, milky or sweet, introducing the nation to a taste experience like never before.

Expertly crafted by master chocolatiers, Magnum uses only premium quality ingredients and responsibly sourced cocoa beans. Ruby’s unique processing gives it its special taste, without any added colorants or fruit flavourings.

Reimagine a moment of pure pleasure with the new Magnum Ruby ice cream.