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Meet Halsey and the global cast of our #truetopleasure campaign. Discover how Halsey stays true to her pleasure, what makes her feel most confident and how working with Magnum has fulfilled a childhood dream.

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Meet Halsey, multi-platinum singer, songwriter and activist.

Hailing from New Jersey, Halsey’s unapologetic approach to pursing her true pleasure, music, has led her to sell millions of records, top music charts and perform on sell out tours across the world. Most recently she wrapped the European leg of her 2020 world tour for her 3rd Certified Platinum studio album, Manic. 

“I have always pushed myself and those around me to fearlessly express themselves, and to do what makes them genuinely happy, without fear of judgement or critique. I’m so happy to be partnered with Magnum for this campaign that pushes people to embrace their uniqueness and explore what pleasure really means to them. My hope with this campaign is that it can inspire people to proudly flaunt their individuality, because without self-expression and the amplification of unique voices there is no art, and no artists.”

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Meet DJ Kiddy Smile, singer, performer, DJ and LGBTQIA+ activist.

DJ Kiddy Smile is a fashion provocateur and a champion for individuality. Growing up in a low-income neighbourhood in Paris, he often faced severe barriers for being who he truly was and pursuing his love for music and dancing. Kiddy hopes that everyone can live in a world where they can be true to explore and express themselves without judgements or limitations.

"I am proud to be a part of the new Magnum campaign, a brand that has always been forward thinking and never shied from advocating for diversity way before it was a trend! Collaborating with them is truly a pleasure not a guilty one but a proud one."

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Meet Anh, model and artist.

Anh’s mum recently reminded her that when she was a young girl she saw an image of a woman complete with tattoos at a museum and told her mum she would do the same. Since then she has gone on to cover her body in art pieces all inspired by the places she has travelled to and the things she has seen.

“My true pleasure is to wake up in a foreign country, hear the song of birds and be lost in nature.“

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Meet Catriona, model.

While Catriona spends much of her time travelling to exotic and far away locations for work, the international model feels most at ease and at peace when she is doing exactly the opposite. Catriona finds her pleasure in slowing down and taking time to reconnect with the world through indoor gardening and reading and believes being present is the key to happiness.

“I like the simple pleasures in life like yoga, meditation and reading.”

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Meet Mpho, TV presenter and advocate for Albinism.

Mpho is a TV Presenter and Albinism Advocate from South Africa who boldly believes in going after what brings you happiness, without fear of judgement and without barriers. Despite the loss of her eyesight due to her condition, Mpho continues to boldly and unapologetically fight against misconceptions, spreading messages of kindness as she works to educate others.

“True pleasure is coming back home to my family and little things like a home cooked meal.”

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Meet Cio, model and traveller.

An avid lover of art, music and photography, Cio is particularly passionate about fashion as a creative outlet and form of self-expression. While her style is influenced by a variety of experiences, and her pleasure for travel, she has a particular eye for vintage items and sees this as a way to turn old trends into ‘something wearable or functional’. Cio’s passion for being true to what brings her pleasure is shared by her daughter, Clara, who also starred in a 2016 Magnum campaign.

“Travelling by myself, having to talk to people and meet people, has given me a lot of confidence.”

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Meet Fatima, dancer.

Originally from Senegal, Fatima moved to Spain as a child where she soon found her passion for dance. Her personal style is a mixture of modern dance mixed with African cultural influence, however if she hears a beat she will feel the need to move, whether it is hip hop, salsa, Zumba or anything in between.

“My motto in life is doing things with love. That’s important.”

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Meet Penelope, activist and model.

Penelope started her career as a YouTuber, documenting her transition to becoming a woman and the barriers she came up against. Now, Penelope is a full-time model and speaker who shares stories of her experience with the world, to encourage others to pursue what brings them happiness. Penelope attributes growing up with parents in the LGBTQI+ community, for the strength she now has as an activist for change and for the motivation to encourage and inspire even more people.

“My slogan for life is nothing is impossible.”


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