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Magnum Mini Classic, Almond and White Ice Cream 6 x 55ml

The perfect balance of cracking Magnum chocolate and velvety smooth ice cream.


CLASSIC: Contains milk and soy lecithin. May contain nuts and peanuts. Gluten free. ALMOND: Contains milk and almond. May contain soy, other nuts and peanuts. Gluten free. WHITE: Contains milk. May contain soy, nuts and peanuts. Gluten free.


                                Serving Size 55ml = Classic: 44g, Almond:46g, White:43g 
                                Servings Per Container 6 x 55ml
Per 100g Per 100ml Amount Per Portion Percentage Per Portion
Energy C=601kJ/143kcal, A=649kJ/155kcal, W=573kJ/137kcal C=7%, A=8%, W=7% C=1366kJ/ 325kcal, A=1411kJ/ 337kcal, W=1332kJ/ 318kcal C=1093kJ/ 260kcal, A= 1180kJ/282kcal, W=1042kJ/ 249kcal
Fat C=9g, A=9.6g, W=8g C=13%, A= 14%, W=11% C=20g, A=21g, W=19g
Total Fat C=20g, A=21g, W=19g C=16g, A=17g, W=15g C=9g, A=9.6g, W=8g C=13%, A= 14%, W=11%
Saturated Fat C=14g, A=13g, W=13g C=11g, A=11g, W=6g C=6g, A=6g, W=6g CAW= 30%
Salt C=0.13g, A=0.14g, W=0.15g CAW=0.1g C=0.06g, A=0.06g, W=0.06g CAW=1%
Total Carbohydrate C=31g, A=32g, W=33g C=25g, A=27g, W25g C=14g, A=15g, W=14g C=6%, A=7%, W= 6%
Sugars C=28g, A=29g, W=30g C=22g, A=24g, W=24g C= 12g, A=13g, W= 13g C=13%, A= 14%, W=14%
Protein C=3g, A=5g, W= 4g C=2g, A=4g, W=2g C=1g, A=2g, W= 2g C=2%, A=4%, W=4%


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