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Magnum Mini Double Chocolate and Double Caramel Ice Cream 6 x 60ml

Velvety smooth ice creams dipped in a chocolatey coating and a layer of rich sauce, wrapped in cracking Magnum chocolate.


Mini Double Chocolate Contains Milk. May contain: nuts and peanuts. Gluten Free. Mini Double Caramel Contains Milk. May contain: nuts and peanuts. Gluten Free.


                                Serving Size 60ml= 50g
                                Servings Per Container 6x60ml
Per 100g Per 100ml Amount Per Portion Percentage Per Portion
Energy Car=726kJ/174kcal, Choc=763kJ/183kcal DCDC= 9% Car =1451kJ/ 348kcal, Choc=1526kJ/365kcal Car=1210kJ/290kcal, Choc=1272kJ/ 305kcal
Fat Car=10g, Choc=12g Car=14%, Choc=17% Car=20g, Choc=23g
Total Fat Car=20g, Choc=23g Car=17g, Choc=20g Car=10g, Choc=12g Car=14%, Choc=17%
Saturated Fat Car=15g, Choc=17g Car=13g, Choc = 15g Car=8g, Choc=9g Car=40%, Choc=45%
Salt Car=0.18g, Choc=0.1g Car=0.15g, Choc=0.08g Car=0.09g, Choc=0.05g Car=2%, Choc=0.8%


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