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PNG - Magnum Mini Pistachio and Hazelnuts Ice Cream 6 x 60ml

Magnum Mini Pistachio and Hazelnuts Ice Cream 6 x 60ml

Delicate pistachio ice cream covered in Magnum Classic chocolate or a luxurious combination of vanilla ice cream with generous swirls of Hazelnut milk chocolate sauce.


Mini Pistachio 60ml: Contains milk, pistachio, soy lecithin and sesame. May contain: other nuts and peanuts. Mini Hazelnut 60ml: Contains milk and hazelnut. May contain: soy, other nuts and peanuts.


                                Serving Size 60ml = 50g
                                Servings Per Container 6x60ml
Per 100g Per 100ml Amount Per Portion Percentage Per Portion
Calories P= 1405kJ/ 336kcal, H=1335kJ/ 320kcal P=1172kJ/ 280kcal, H=1113kJ/ 267kcal P=703kJ/ 168kcal, H= 668kJ/ 160kcal PH= 8%
Fat P=11g, H=10g P=16%, H=14% P=22g, H=19g
Total Fat P=22g, H=19g P=18g, H=17g P=11g, H=10g P=16%, H=14%
Saturated Fat PH=14g PH=12g PH=7g PH=35%
Salt PH=0.17g PH=0.15g PH=0.09g PH=1.5%
Total Carbohydrate P=31g, H=32g PH=27g P=16g, H=16g PH=7%
Sugars P=28g, H=31g P=23g, H= 27g P=14g, H=16g P=16%, H=18%
Protein PH=4g PH=3g PH=2g PH=4%