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Introducing... Magnum Double Tubs

The unique Magnum experience in a tub format now comes with double the pleasure. Balanced with new and rich sauces, swirled into a heavenly velvety ice cream, Magnum Double Tubs are our most decadent yet. Combined with a signature cracking chocolate top that is made to be broken, Magnum Tubs are available in three new, delectable Double flavours.


Double Salted Caramel

A luxurious salted caramel ice cream enriched with a thick layer of chocolate and delicious caramel sauce as well as chocolate shards.


Double Chocolate Deluxe

A deeply intense chocolate ice cream with a luxurious chocolate sauce as well as chocolate shards.


Double Dark Chocolate & Raspberry

A sweet and tangy raspberry ice cream combined with dark chocolate and finished with a sensational raspberry sauce and chocolate shards.

Perfect for those cosy evenings in, Magnum Double Tubs are the ultimate treat for a relaxing evening after a busy and hectic week. Curl up on the sofa and indulge in a decadent dessert, perfect for when you just fancy a little me moment. Why not spoil yourself and crack into the new Double Salted Caramel Tub enriched with a mouth-watering caramel sauce. Let go and focus on your own moment of pleasure.

Expertly crafted by master chocolatiers, Magnum uses high  quality ingredients and responsibly sourced cocoa beans from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms. The Double Tubs are no different with every ingredient considered and sourced to bring you only the most indulgent ice cream experience.

Magnum Classic recycled tub

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