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Reclaim your Sofa with our Break into Pleasure Boxes

As days and nights have blurred into one, the sofa is no longer viewed as a place to unwind and indulge. It’s time to break away from the day and rediscover pleasurable evenings on the sofa with the Break into Pleasure box, which is designed to be broken into.

With a limited number of Break into Pleasure boxes available on Deliveroo, you’ll have to be fast….

Keep an eye on Magnum’s Twitter page @MagnumUK for the announcement of the Break into Pleasure Box availability and be quick to get yours this month. If your area is announced on Magnum Twitter, order through Deliveroo.

T&Cs apply*


Break Into Pleasure Box

Double Your Pleasure

Discover Magnum’s most indulgent ice cream to date. Enjoy layer after layer of luxurious chocolate and rich sauce. Available in both sticks and tubs, sink into the sofa with a decadent dessert or double the pleasure, wherever. The Magnum Double range is double the indulgence, double the pleasure.


Magnum Double Salted Caramel Tub

Salted caramel sauce is expertly swirled in velvety vanilla ice cream, blended with thick chocolate shards and encased in a shell of cracking chocolate. Indulge in a blissfully crafted taste with one clean break. Bring home ultimate pleasure for a sofa-side dessert you simply cannot resist.

Magnum Double Caramel Sticks

Magnum Double Caramel sticks give you layer after layer of luxurious chocolate followed by a rich decadent caramel sauce. It’s indulgence wherever you are, at any moment of your day.


Magnum Double Strawberry & Chocolate Sticks and Tubs

Refreshing notes of strawberry perfectly complement the indulgent layers of chocolate. The rich strawberry sauce adds touches of sweetness in-between mouth-watering moments of chocolate decadence. Available in both sticks and tubs, double the layers means double the pleasure..


Magnum Double Raspberry Sticks

Luscious raspberry ice cream dipped in chocolatey coating and a layer of tangy raspberry sauce, all covered in cracking Magnum chocolate. 


Double Mochaccino Sticks 

Magnum’s Double Mochaccino introduces your senses to the most irresistible and exotic Colombian coffee notes, locked in every bite.


Magnum Double Chocolate Deluxe Tub

Indulgent chocolate shards are swirled through a velvety chocolate ice cream. Encased in a chocolate shell and featuring a rich gooey chocolate sauce, the Double Chocolate Deluxe Pint is the ultimate dessert partner. Using the highest quality ingredients to make every mouthful truly irresistible, enjoy unrivalled pleasure – now doubled.