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An iconic partnership deserves an iconic celebration.

Miley Cyrus holding her bespoke gold skull shaped magnum ice cream

Because everything she touches turns to gold, for the first time ever, we’ve created a real gold Magnum made bespoke for Miley. This one-of-a-kind memorabilia is inspired by her iconic skull emblem and is decorated with violet jewels to reflect her signature bold eye makeup.

Close up hand of Miley Cyrus holding her gold replica skull shaped magnum ice cream

For Miley’s signature Miley x Magnum All Gold Recipe, we’ve given our original velvety vanilla Magnum a daring new look, dipping it into a rich ‘gold’ chocolate and embellishing it with an edible stand-out skull and chains, and a shower of gold dust. Fans can recreate it at selected Magnum Pleasure Stores globally throughout the summer.


This iconic creation also celebrates Magnum’s year of gold, introducing Magnum’s most luxurious multi-layered ice cream, Magnum Double Gold Caramel Billionaire.