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Magnum Studios

This event has finished but discover what happened below.

3 sticks Classic vs 3 sticks REMIX

Head down to Magnum Studios and explore the two sides of Classic and Remix, with a free Magnum for every visitor to indulge in!

Explore where your tastes lie through a series of immersive experiences including gallery showcases, interactive music moments, a recording booth, photo opportunities, exclusive merchandise and even some epic live performances.

You’ll also get the chance to try one of the new Magnum Remix flavours, or you can enjoy one of our timeless Classics.

So, are you Classic or Remix?

#classicvsremix #teamclassic #teamremix

A remixed soundtrack to your summer

Kylie Minogue X Peggy Gou

To celebrate the launch of our all-new Remix flavours, we partnered with Kylie Minogue and Korean DJ Peggy Gou, who created a remixed version of the classic track ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’.