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Magnum White chocolate and cookies

Never stop playing

Magnum white

Rediscover White Chocolate

Magnum White

Our rich and indulgent Magnum White Chocolate brings a unique kind of pleasure that connects you with your playful side. Magnum wants you to feel the freedom to turn everyday moments into playful indulgence, whatever playfulness and pleasure means to you.

Magnum White

True to pleasure, our Magnum White Chocolate is a rich mix of velvety vanilla ice cream wrapped in cracking Magnum White chocolate, a perfectly balanced sweetness whilst the NEW Magnum White Chocolate & Cookies brings a kind of pleasure like no other.

Available as a stick, tub and mini, Magnum White Chocolate & Cookies is our most playful creation yet. Indulge in delicious creamy ice cream mixed with swirls of chocolate sauce with cookie flavour, encased in white chocolate and cookie pieces, the playful new ice cream is wrapped in in beautiful packaging and features intricate gold foil detail.