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Rita Ora and Virgil Abloh join Magnum in Cannes

Rita Ora

At the 2019 Cannes Film Festival on the 16th of May, Magnum teamed up with a host of special guests to show the world how to Never Stop Playing. 

At the stunning setting of the Magnum Beach on La Croisette, special guests including chef David Muñoz, actor Palina Rojinski, broadcaster Clara Amfo and actor Cristiano Caccamo, joined Magnum at the Cannes International Film Festival for a live panel discussion to launch Magnum’s Never Stop Playing campaign. Panellists were selected based on their fearless approach to life and a shared ambition to inspire a generation to let go and just go for it.

Rita Ora

Hot off the heels of Magnum’s collaboration with the iconic Iris Apfel, who stars in stunning film content to bring to life what it means to be True to Pleasure, the event continued Magnum’s mission to inspire people to live just as Iris does and be single-minded in their pursuit of pleasure. The panellists talked about challenges they have faced in pursuit of doing what they love and how they have playfully and light heartedly defied judgement and opinions to indulge in what brings them true pleasure.

As the panel was brought to a close, bold and fearless superstar, Rita Ora, was welcomed to the stage and performed a stunning acoustic set. The female artist, who holds the UK record for the most Top 10 singles by a female British artist, is responsible for some of the biggest hit records. Moving from Kosovo to London at a young age, and fearless in her pursuit of what she loved doing, Rita started her career at open mic nights and is now one of the biggest selling female artists of the last decade.

Rita Ora

The excitement didn’t end there. Everyone lived up to the motto of Never Stop Playing as the day went on. In the evening, Magnum hosted a star-studded party with a number of special guests including DJ and creative disruptor Virgil Abloh and Kiddy Smile. 

Rita Ora

Throughout the evening, guests also saw unforgettable performances from Kiddy Smile and his voguing drag queens, who returned to the space to entertain the crowd for the second time since 2016.

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