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Double Mochaccino

Double your pleasure with Magnum's new Double Mochaccino Ice Cream. Enjoy the delicious, new chocolate coffee flavour made with 100% Colombian Coffee.

Magnum Double Mochaccino


Welcome to the world of Magnum, where you can truly enjoy unrivalled pleasure at every moment of the day. Designed to bring Pleasure Seekers a truly unforgettable experience, Magnum just unveiled the launch of another exciting and indulgent flavour – the Double Mochaccino.

Magnum Double Mochaccino Stick


Born out of love for adventure and the passion for true indulgence, this expertly crafted flavour has been created using 100% Colombian Coffee. The result? New, mouth-watering, Mochaccino ice cream which will introduce your senses to the most irresistible and exotic, Colombian notes, locked in every bite.

Combining velvety coffee ice cream with rich sauce and the iconic cracking chocolate shell - this delicious, new flavour has been created so you can discover pleasure like never before.

Magnum Double Mochaccino Tub

Creating the perfect ice cream is a long and complex process, which requires a lot of precision and expertise. Magnum takes it extremely seriously and prides itself in carefully selecting only the highest- quality ingredients, which make every spoonful totally irresistible.

Dedicated to transparency, Magnum uses superior quality, 100% Colombian Arabica beans without added flavours to preserve the nature and taste of the grains. Our supply network is optimized to better control the quality of the coffee beans and to keep them fresh. 100% of the deliveries are sampled to test the basic parameters of the green coffee and guarantee superior quality.

As these Colombian Arabica beans have a floral aroma with Chocolate and Caramel notes, it makes the Double Mochaccino extremely irresistible, and offers the perfect balance of coffee ice-cream and rich Rainforest Alliance certified chocolate.

Magnum Double Mochaccino

Available on stick and in tub, the Double Mochaccino will allow you to lose yourself in every bite while being environmentally conscious. Hope you will enjoy every spoonful of this new playful flavour!