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Tickled pink

From subtle pastels and delicate petal hues to bold, full flavoured glitz and glamour, the runways of Paris, London, New York and Milan have all been captivated by one particular colour when it comes to spring and summer fashion this year—pink.

person holding Magnum ice cream

It’s a trend that our Double Raspberry Magnum makes a fitting fashion accessory for. To find out more about the ins-and-outs of fashion’s most recent obsession, we spoke to Barcelona based photographer, lifestyle blogger and all-round fabulous fashionista Jessie Bush about why pink is so hot this season, what this year’s most on trend eats are, and getting fashionable with her favourite Magnum bar.

Woman holding Magnum

Magnum Q&A

Why is pink is such a fashion trend this year?

I’d say that fashion’s current obsession with all things pink is a response to the masculine silhouettes and minimal colour palettes that have dominated for the last few seasons. The soft femininity of pink is also the perfect balance to wardrobe favourites like the blue jean, black blazers and slouchy white tees. 

Woman holding Magnum

Food and fashion are entwined; what’s your favourite on-trend dish?

Having recently moved to Barcelona I’m really enjoying making the most of alfresco dining and fresh seafood. Ceviche may be a classic dish, but I love trying out modern interpretations with plenty of herbs, mango and popped corn. 

Woman holding Magnum

What is your dream outfit? When would you flaunt it?

I think I’d go for a tailored suit - simply because there’s nothing better than a beautifully constructed two piece designed to fit your body perfectly. It would be dark grey, a boxy blazer nipped in at the waist with cropped trousers and I would wear it as often as I could get away with! Dinner dates, work meetings, even on a night out with heels and a red lip.

What makes Magnum Double Raspberry such a stylish accessory?

The clean, minimal lines matched with the deliciously pink molten interior makes it my favourite (edible) accessory. 

Woman holding Magnum

Be creative, what flavours would be in your dream Magnum?

I’d create a Magnum made with coconut ice cream, a white chocolate shell dipped in fresh coconut flakes.

What would you name your stylish creation?

Magnum Cool Coconut.

How would you photograph your Dream Magnum for your followers?

I would style my Magnum Cool Coconut with an all-white look (cropped denim and an oversized crisp white shirt are my go-to) to shoot down a palm-tree lined street on a blue-skied Barcelona day.  

Woman holding Magnum

What do you think 'style' means for the modern woman?

To me, style for a modern woman means dressing for myself and what I believe is beautiful without prescribing to anyone else's idea of femininity or gender.