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Large illustration comprising multiples scenes: cocoa community workers, people eating Magnum ice cream, cocoa pods & vanilla, recycling bin, solar powered factory

Illustration by Aurélia Durand

Indulge responsibly

Pleasure that won’t cost the planet

Trio of icon illustrations representing Magnum's True Pleasure for the Future engagements: woman carrying cocoa pods, vanilla flower & cocoa pod trees

We believe life’s pleasures shouldn’t come at the cost of our planet’s precious resources. From the cocoa communities we work with to the way we package our products, find out more about our commitment to sustainability.

AWA by Magnum

We’re committed to economically and socially empowering the women in our cocoa farming communities. To help us do just that, we’re launching our biggest social initiative to date, AWA by Magnum.

Close up of African women on green background modelling African clothing

Icon of a vanilla flower and a cocoa pod in a circle


Responsible packaging

From the cocoa beans we select to the packaging we choose, sustainability is a key consideration for every element that goes into creating our delicious ice creams.


Our packaging is recyclable - our wrappers can be recycled at the front of large supermarket stores and our boxes, tubs and lids can be recycled at home.

Illustration of a vanilla flower, vanilla pods and an open cocoa pod on top of a blue circle
Illustration of a purple recycling bin with a sticker of a Magnum 'M' inside a recycling sign, on top of a peach coloured circle

We’re the first ice cream brand to use recycled polypropylene plastic in our tubs.

Illustration of two women sat in the grass enjoying a Magnum ice cream
Icon of two trees inside a circle


Putting our energy to good use

We’re finding renewable energy solutions, and optimising our usage, to achieve our mission of being 100% carbon neutral in all our operations by 2030.


Our ice cream is crafted on sites that run on 100% renewable grid electricity.*

Illustration of an orange bird on a tree branch

By signing the Cocoa Forest Initiative, we’re publicly committed to eliminating deforestation and forest degradation.

Illustration of several open and closed cocoa pods on top of a purple circle

We’ve pledged to plant 465,000 trees in the Ivory Coast. That’s enough to cover an area almost 2.5 times the size of Paris.

* Restricted to products made at Unilever sourcing sites.

Illustration of a couple of workers from our cocoa farming community
Icon of a woman in a circle, carrying cocoa pods in a basket


Our community initiatives

The skilled farmers that produce our cocoa and vanilla are instrumental in making our ice creams a reality. That’s why we take our responsibilities in looking after them very seriously.​


We’re launching AWA, our biggest social initiative to date, and working through our supply chain network with CARE International, 100WEEKS, and Rebecca Zoro to socially and economically empower women in our cocoa farming communities.

Illustration of a cacao tree with cocoa pods in a blue circle

We’re protecting forests for the future by planting 465,000 new native trees in Côte d'Ivoire, as well as training local farmers in sustainable techniques in order to preserve their land for the future.

Illustration of vanilla flowers and vanilla pods in a cream coloured circle

We’re supporting 40,000 people in 76 villages across Madagascar with health insurance, training programmes and education.


Awa by Magnum

Our most ambitious initiative yet – our goal is to socially and economically empower 5,000 women in our cocoa farming communities by 2025. With the help of our partners, we’ll be providing funding and training, helping them to diversify their incomes and stand on their own two feet.

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