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Faces of women superimposed on a graphic background with woman profile with red headscarf, sun, ice cream, M stamp, leaves

Awa by Magnum

Supporting women in our cocoa farming communities all year round

Women play a vital role in our cocoa farming communities in Côte d'Ivoire, but with the farming season only lasting for six months of the year, we’re committed to providing them with year-round support.

So we’ve launched AWA by Magnum – an initiative that works to empower women in the cocoa farming communities of Côte d'Ivoire both socially and economically. Through funding and training, we’re supporting them to develop additional ways of earning a living from their interests, which will allow them to diversify their incomes

It’s all part of our 2025 Cocoa Strategy. So far, we’ve committed to invest €25M into our wider cocoa impact programmes, with an emphasis on female-focused initiatives – because by investing in women, we’re also investing in their families and communities. But the work doesn’t stop there…

Our goal is to socially and economically empower 5,000 women in cocoa farming communities by 2025. And through our supply chain network we’re working alongside our charitable partners to do just that.

African Fashion Designer Rebecca Zoro on a cocoa farm with women from the farming community

African woman on orange background with black ice cream silhouette on background

AWA by Magnum

Introducing Awa

Created from the portraits of some of the women who’ve already benefitted from our support, AWA is our very first digital ambassador and the face of our ambitious new initiative.

Equality and empowerment

The women

Meet 128 of the incredible women who work in our cocoa farming communities and see how they’ve developed their passions and interests, and launched their own businesses.

African woman holding certificate of achievement

Our achievements so far

Our progress

Our goal is to support 5,000 women in our cocoa farming communities through our AWA by Magnum initiative by 2025.


Goal 5,000

Graduates of our programme as of July 2022.

Awa by Magnum

The Rebecca Zoro Edit

To kickstart our programme, we’ve teamed up with Ivorian fashion designer, Rebecca Zoro, to launch an exclusive collection of five limited-edition pieces, with 100% of the funds generated from sales going straight into our cocoa farming communities.

Cut out of fashion Designer Rebecca Zoro on red background

A fashion line inspired by the women in our cocoa farming communities

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African fashion item on read and green colour block background

AWA Autumn 2022

Shop the collection

A limited-edition line of five covetable items that celebrate the passion and vibrancy of the women benefiting from the support of our AWA initiative.

The collection is available to buy now, with all money from sales invested back into our impact programmes.


The Bracelet

Inspired by traditional Ivorian styles, the bracelet is made from recycled glass beads and delicate fishing thread, and finished with a white silver cocoa leaf and magnetic clasp.

Close up of Ivorian style wrap skirt modeled on orange background

The Wrap Skirt

An everyday staple inspired by the ease of traditional Ivorian style, the wrap skirt is designed for any and all occasions.

Close up portrait of a woman on red background modeling small neck scarf

The Small Scarf

An eye-catching style statement, this silk scarf can be tied in a variety of ways – wear it round your neck, round your wrist or in your hair.

Close up portrait of african woman on orange background modeling large scarf wrapped around her head

The Large Scarf

Adorned with a bronze jewel button made by craftsmen in Bassam, the large scarf can be worn in multiple ways – whether as a top, scarf or dress.

Body shot of an african woman on green background modelling a Kamandje cape

The Kamandje Cape

Truly a hero piece, the Kamandje cape has been created using an intricate cloth weave with a diamond grain fabric, and traditionally dyed using vegetables and plants.

Discover more

Fashion designer Rebecca Zoro smiling - inside an african souvenir shop in an Ivorian cocoa farming community

Rebecca Zoro

Ivorian fashion designer, Rebecca Zoro, is a passionate advocate for female entrepreneurship, working with local communities to promote creativity, craft and financial independence.

Close image of African clothes

How to style the collection

The collection can be styled to suit any lifestyle, but here, Rebecca Zoro walks you through just some of the ways.

Group of Smiling women from the cocoa farming community sitting down in a plantation

Our partners

Meet some of the incredible women who’ve already benefitted from the work we’re doing with our on-the-ground partner 100WEEKS.

Our partners

Find out more about our AWA by Magnum charity partners, CARE International and 100WEEKS.