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AWA by Magnum

Meet the women

We’re proud to introduce you to 128 women who’ve been empowered through our Cocoa Impact Programmes. Each of these incredible women have received training and funding from our on-the-ground partners, helping them to develop their skills, launch their own businesses and diversify their incomes.

But we’re not stopping there. We’re committing to empower 5,000 women by 2025, helping them to gain financial and social independence.

African woman standing in african mountainous landscape

Investing in our communities

Working through our supply chain network with our on-the-ground partners, including CARE International and 100WEEKS, we’re working to provide education and aid within our cocoa farming communities. We’ve helped to set up community banks and provided direct cash payments to women in these communities, as well as entrepreneurial and financial training to help them set up their own businesses.

Representing 128 faces with 1

The portraits below are not only a snapshot of the multitalented women who’ve benefitted from our programmes – they’re also the faces that form AWA, our digital ambassador.

We used the very latest 3D digital mapping technology to create a digital persona that would represent them equally. Everything AWA does, from the way she looks to the way she moves, is a striking reflection of the women we are supporting. She’s the true embodiment of their strength, passion and determination.

Our fashion collaboration with Rebecca Zoro is a further celebration of these incredible women. Modelled by none other than AWA herself, the collection includes The Wrap Skirt, The Small Scarf, The Large Scarf, The Bracelet and The Kamandje Cape. Each piece has been produced on a small scale and crafted using locally sourced materials to ensure sustainability.
See AWA in action, and purchase a piece for yourself.

And to help us reach our goal of empowering 5,000 women, 100% of the funds generated from sales will go straight back into our AWA by Magnum initiative. This is on top of the €25M we’ve already committed to invest into our wider cocoa impact programmes, including our female-focused initiatives, as part of our 2025 Cocoa Strategy.


Make a donation with 100WEEKS

Want to help change the lives of women in our cocoa farming communities? By making a donation through 100WEEKS, you’ll be sending money directly to women in Côte d'Ivoire, which will help them to start saving and investing. And we’ll keep you updated with their progress, so you can see just how far your donation goes.

Pleasure that won’t cost the planet

We’re committed to creating a more sustainable future, from the packaging we use to the energy that powers our factories.