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AWA by Magnum

Our achievements

Our goal is to socially and economically empower 5,000 women of the cocoa farming community by 2025. Here’s where we are today.

Key Milestones

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Awa by Magnum initiative launch

We launch our pioneering new initiative, upscaling our female empowerment programme throughout their cocoa farming communities in Côte d'Ivoire.

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161 women graduate

Our first cohort of women proudly graduate from our income diversification programme. More than half have started new income generating activities and almost three quarters have expanded their existing income generating opportunities.

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We commit €25m

We commit to empowering 5,000 women from our cocoa farming communities, socially and economically, by 2025 as part of our wider cocoa impact programmes.

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We extend our support

We help 100WEEKS support even more women from our cocoa farming communities through Pleasure Imagined, a fund-raising digital art exhibition.

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We launch our first income diversification programme

We kick start our female empowerment programme, working with NGOs like CARE International and 100WEEKS through our supply chain partners. The programme supports women with training and infrastructure set up to help them earn additional income as well as direct weekly payments to help them get up and running.

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We commit €80m

Since 2012 we’ve invested €80m to make our cocoa supply more sustainable and traceable.

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Our progress

Our goal is to support 5,000 women in our cocoa farming communities through our AWA by Magnum initiative by 2025.


Goal 5,000

Graduates of our programme as of July 2022.

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Championing female empowerment

Discover more about our partnerships and the life-changing work they’re doing with women in our cocoa farming communities.


Make a donation with 100WEEKS

Want to help change the lives of women in our cocoa farming communities? By making a donation through 100WEEKS, you’ll be sending money directly to women in Côte d'Ivoire, which will help them to start saving and investing. And we’ll keep you updated with their progress, so you can see just how far your donation goes.

Pleasure that won’t cost the planet

We’re committed to creating a more sustainable future, from the packaging we use to the energy that powers our factories.