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AWA by Magnum

The Rebecca Zoro Edit

Cut out photo montage of african designer Rebecca Zoro and her AWA by Magnum fashion items on a red background

We’ve teamed up with Ivorian fashion designer, Rebecca Zoro, to create a limited edition capsule collection that celebrates the women in our cocoa farming communities. And pleasure seekers can purchase a piece of the collection.

We’ll be donating 100% of the funds generated from sales to the women in our farming communities. This is on top of the €25M we’ve already committed to invest into our wider cocoa impact programmes, including our female-focused initiatives, as part of our 2025 Cocoa Strategy.

Rebecca standing in front of whiteboard talking to farmers

Discover the capsule collection

Together with her local team of artists, designers and artisans, Rebecca has created an exclusive five-piece capsule collection, produced on a small scale and crafted from locally sourced materials. The collection includes The Wrap Skirt, The Small Scarf, The Large Scarf, The Bracelet and The Kamandje Cape.

Each piece is available to buy now, with 100% of the funds from sales going straight back into our cocoa farming communities.

The common theme of this collection is all about ‘the daily life of the woman’, in Africa and more particularly Ivorian Women. Their beauty, their competitive spirit and their style of dress. In this collection, the wrap skirt, the scarf, the jewellery are all iconic pieces. They are both a tool to getting ready but also a means of communication. AWA is a journey at the heart of the Côte d'Ivoire, from the northeast to the southwest made in association with the four corners of the town of Abidjan. I hope that the wave of this energy will reach as many people as possible around the world.
Fashion designer Rebecca Zoro smiling - inside an african souvenir shop in an Ivorian cocoa farming community

Over the past two years, Rebecca has visited many of our cocoa farming communities, and formed a close relationship with the strong, enterprising women within them. And this collection didn’t just give Rebecca a chance to celebrate them – it gave her the opportunity to work alongside them too, sharing their skills, knowledge and love for craft.

Rebecca with a cocoa farmer
Woman from the cocoa farming community in the sewing classroom

Where passion meets fashion

Originating from Côte d'Ivoire, Rebecca Zoro celebrates Ivorian culture through the vibrant designs of her label LA MAISON YHEBE. Using traditional Ivorian prints, textiles and styles, she creates clothes that are revolutionizing African fashion.

Since my early childhood I have always been passionate about the strength, beauty and work of Ivorian women. Today I highlight this love through my creations. The inspirational trips inside Côte d'Ivoire as part of this project allowed me to "see" and "feel" the positive impact that female entrepreneurship can have on our local communities.

AWA by Magnum is a dream come true because it is the synergy between the young stylist that I am, the commitment of the women I met and the talent of our local artisans. I am so excited to present AWA on such a global platform and proud to know that the benefits will go to farming communities through Magnum's cocoa program that supports them. I thank all the people who between countries and continents have spared no effort to make this beautiful project see the light of day.”

Rebecca is a passionate advocate for female entrepreneurship, working with local communities to promote creativity, craft and financial independence. For us, there’s no one who shares our campaign mission to empower more women quite so much.

Rebecca Zoro with local jewellery


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