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Magnum Ice Cream Double Caramel Packs


Enter Magnum ice cream’s world of indulgence — where you’ll unwrap velvety ice cream and cracking chocolate shells in every one of our decadent ice cream bars and delicious ice cream tubs.

Magnum products are thoughtfully sourced and crafted from the world’s highest quality ingredients and made with Belgian chocolate. We’re known to make the #1 chocolate-covered ice cream bar worldwide. Take a bite and find out why.




The chocolatiers of ice cream are always crafting decadent new creations to excite your taste buds. With our snackable MINI Ice Cream Bars, delicious Non-Dairy Bars, and new Duet Bars, there are more ways than ever to feed your chocolate cravings. How will you indulge?

plant based indulgence
Magnum Mini Double Caramel IceCream Bars



Magnum ice cream Chocolate Duet Bar and Nails INC chocolate-scented nail polishes

Magnum ice cream has collaborated with Nails.INC to launch a line of chocolate-scented nail polishes inspired by our new Magnum Duets. Double your indulgence with Magnum Duets, the first ice cream bar dipped in two different types of chocolate. In celebration, we've partnered with celebrity nail artist, Mei Kawajiri to dream up three bold & expressive nail art designs using the polishes inspired by our delicious Duets Bars.

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Magnum ice cream Duets Bars and Nails INC chocolate-scented nail polishes

Double Caramel Ice Cream Bar

Double Caramel Magnum Bar
Magnum Caramel Ice Cream Bar

Vanilla ice cream dipped in a chocolate coating and a layer of caramel sauce, wrapped in exquisite milk chocolate with 44% cacao, Magnum Ice Cream Double Caramel bar is America’s #1 Ice Cream Indulgence.

Discover America’s #1 Ice Cream Indulgence


Our Stories

Step into a world of indulgence: velvety smooth vanilla ice cream and rich Belgian chocolate. Journey with us to learn about Magnum flavors, our history, ingredient sourcing, and everything Magnum ice cream. Delicious, chocolate magnificence awaits.

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