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Carefully made to be broken - Magnum in a Crackable Tub 

Break In

Enjoy Magnum by the spoonful

Indulge in rich chocolate pieces swirled in velvety vanilla ice cream, all wrapped in a cracking chocolate shell that is made to be broken. That’s signature Magnum luxury with an ice cream tub like no other.    

Worth the wait

How To Serve Magnum Ice Cream


For optimum cracking, allow the Magnum tub to soften for 10 minutes.

Magnum Tubs


Squeeze the sides of the pack and listen for the signature crack.

Magnum Tubs


Sink your spoon into the rich, chocolate layer that tops the tub and indulge.

Magnum Tubs

11 Unique flavors

An Exciting Way To Indulge


Magnum Tubs

New Magnum tubs are an indulgent treat that’s been years in the making, but definitely worth the wait. It’s designed with special care and attention for a unique chocolate experience in every bite.