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What is dark chocolate?

Luxurious, bittersweet and always tempting, dark chocolate is a treat that’s rich in flavor and deep in color. More intense than milk or white chocolate, dark chocolate is perfect for those who crave exotic, full-bodied flavors. 

Dark Chocolate

How is Dark Chocolate made?

Crafting dark chocolate is a precise art. With a higher percentage of cocoa, dark chocolate is carefully blended by chocolate producers to give an intense, rich chocolate taste. Our dark chocolate is an indulgent blend, made with 70% cocoa that is sourced from sustainably grown Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa beans from both Ghana and Tanzania.

A key phase in the preparation of dark chocolate is ‘conching’, which is similar to kneading dough. Like a chef in his own kitchen, the master chocolatiers follow a traditional, long conching process of mixing two simple ingredients — cocoa and sugar — to guarantee full flavor development. 

The process starts at a specific temperature. As it starts mixing, the temperature is raised very slowly to remove moisture and develop new flavors from the heat. Care is taken to mix for long enough to fully develop the chocolate flavors and allow ingredients to combine together in the silkiest way possible.

Some chocolate producers may add spices for a fiery kick, or vanilla for a touch of smoothness. No matter what flavor is added, dark chocolate always retains its deep hue and intensity. 

Delight your taste buds with Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate contrasts well with sweet or tangy foods. Dipping strawberries or mango slices in dark chocolate brings out the sweetness in both. Mixing dark chocolate with strong roasted coffee can add a flavor sensation to your mid-morning coffee break.

Dark Chocolate

Magnum Dark Chocolate

Magnum Dark chocolate is made with our high quality cocoa beans. Coating luxuriously smooth, creamy vanilla ice cream, our cracking dark chocolate is a truly indulgent treat. 

Dark Chocolate