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Indulge in a variety of Pleasure

The Classics

Our original ice cream indulgence.

Magnum Classic with a bite taken out of it
Chunks of chocolate rest on fluffy white ice cream

Magnum Dairy Free

Magnum Classic now also available in Dairy Free and certified Vegan. A velvety dairy free ice confection dipped in chocolate couverture.

Magnum Classic with a bite taken out of it
Two vegan Magnums with a green, leafy backdrop

The Tubs

The unique Magnum experience now in a crackable tub. Rich chocolate shards swirled in velvety ice cream. All wrapped in a cracking chocolate shell that was made to be broken.

Magnum Classic Tub
Lady in a kitchen cracks a Magnum Tub

The Minis

All the delicious essentials that make up a full-size Magnum ice cream.

Almond, Classic and White Magnum Minis arranged on a gold tray
Magnum Almond Mini

More Magnums to Love

Explore the full range of Magnum ice creams and discover a world of pleasure. Intense, fruity, dark or decadently sweet. Which one will satisfy your indulgence?

Peppermint leaves suspended in ice with chunks of chocolate
Peppermint Magnum with a bite taken out of it