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Magnum Love Letter

Dear Magnum lover,

We long for the days when we could all be together, sharing the pleasure of each other’s company, the pleasure of great music, perfect weather, a road trip with no destination other than the next adventure. Windows open, tunes turned up and your favourite Magnum ice cream to indulge in…

We know you miss those days too. One day, soon, we’ll adventure together again. In the meantime, there are simple and beautiful pleasures to be enjoyed. Quiet time to get to know your own personal pleasures is a real gift, darling, and one to be embraced. What makes you feel most truly yourself? What gives you true pleasure? How can you choose, now, today, and every day, to make more space for your own pleasure?

There’s one pleasure you can always count on. Take a few minutes to relax, open a Magnum and indulge your senses in that crackling chocolate and creamy ice cream. You’re worth every moment of indulgence, and you deserve to feel pampered in every way.

The first iconic Magnum adult chocolate and ice cream combination was created in 1989, and we’ve felt your love ever since. We have always been devoted to helping you find your true pleasure. We have created iconic Magnum editions over the years to celebrate the individuality and flair of our pleasure seekers. Magnum ice creams and Magnum Minis are the perfect thing to keep in your freezer for a spontaneous moment of pleasure any time of the day, so make sure you’re always stocked up. We’ll keep innovating and looking for exciting new ways to bring you pleasure.

From the first crack to the very last drop of ice cream, every Magnum stick and tub has been lovingly crafted from quality ingredients because we believe that in the pursuit of pleasure you deserve the best.

Magnum Love Letter

Whatever helps you to find your pleasure in life, make time for it. Each unique and gorgeous person has their own true centre of pleasure. It may be creating and cooking a delicious meal for your loved ones. For some, it’s curling up on a rainy afternoon with a great book. How about that amazing feeling after an incredible workout or perfect run, when all those great ‘happy hormones’ are coursing through your body? We all know the blissful relaxation of settling into a warm bath with bubbles, candlelight and background music.

Some pleasures take time. Some take only a few minutes, but their effects leave us smiling for hours (like taking a break from your desk to enjoy a dreamy Magnum, for example, wink wink). Whatever it is that helps you feel like you’re taking control of your own pleasure: you deserve to enjoy it.

We believe that when you live your own true story with fearless confidence and embrace pleasure wherever you are, you will lead a loving and fulfilling life. So take pleasure in the quiet moments, and in planning new adventures to come.

Happy Valentine’s Month,
The Magnum Team


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