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Frequently asked questions

To make your experience easier, you will find all the answers to your most frequently asked questions on this page.

We’re sorry that you’re not very pleased about your experience with Magnum. We take it very seriously when our fans aren’t happy, so if you would like to talk to someone about this please call our customer careline on 1800 661 9898 and they will be pleased to help and talk to you in person.

Our range changes frequently to bring you the best in ice cream and chocolate indulgence. Our range may vary by store depending on geographical location and store size, but is available in large supermarkets nationwide, and many Wall’s freezers in convenience stores and petrol marts. For more information on our current product range please see our product page. 

The most up-to-date ingredient and nutritional information can be found on our packaging or on our product page. For more information on each of our products, or for any specific questions, please call our customer Careline on 1800 661 9898.

While many of our Magnum ice creams are gluten free, some are not. The most up-to-date information is available on pack in the ingredients list; however if you require more information on each of our products, please give a member of our team a call on 1800 661 9898.

Not all of our Magnum ice creams are suitable for vegetarians. Please call our careline on 1800 661 9898 for a list of vegetarian-friendly ice creams. 

Inspired by luxury chocolate collections, new Magnum Chocolate & Hazelnut Praliné is a pleasure worth giving in to: intense hazelnut ice cream dipped in thick Belgian chocolate with crunchy caramelized hazelnut pieces. Please see here for more information.

You can find it in most large supermarkets nationwide, and many Wall’s freezers in convenience stores and petrol marts.

Each product has a different composition. For example, Magnum Almond contains almonds whereas Magnum Classic and Magnum White used different types of chocolate which explains the variance in weight.

Yes, the vanilla extract we use in our natural vanilla flavor is made from sustainably grown Madagascan vanilla beans, rainforest alliance certified.

All our vanilla is grown on vines alongside a tutor that supports the vanilla vines. The Madagascan vanilla cultivation has been optimised over the years from generation to generation to craft the best quality vanilla.

Yes, 100% of the cocoa is sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms in the Magnum ice creams.

Please see here for more information.

While Magnum is not certified Halal by Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS), our products in Singapore, including the chocolate bars, do not contain porcine ingredients. In addition, Magnum currently uses plant-based colourings, stabilisers and emulsifiers. However, Magnum contains dairy ingredients including whey products that may be derived from animal enzymes. 


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