Magnum Mini Classic and Mint Ice Cream 6 x 55ml

The perfect balance of cracking Magnum chocolate luxuriously combined with velvety smooth vanilla or mint ice cream.

Serving Size 55ml = 44g

Servings Per Container 6 x 55ml


Per 100 g Per 100 ml Per portion** %* per portion**
Fat CM= 20g CM=16g CM=9g CM= 13%
Of which saturates C=14g, M=13g CM=11% C=6g, M=6g CM=30%
Of which sugars CM=28g CM=22g CM=12g CM=13%
Protein CM=3g CM=2% CM=1g CM=2g
Salt C=0.13g, M=0.09g C=0.1g, 0.07g C=0.06g, M=0.04g C=1%, M= 0.6%

Mini Classic: Contains milk and soy lecithin. May contain nuts and peanuts. Gluten free Mini Mint: Contains milk and soy lecithin.