Faces of women superimposed on a graphic background with woman profile with red headscarf, sun, ice cream, M stamp, leaves
Five pictograms related to awa
African Fashion Designer Rebecca Zoro on a cocoa farm with women from the farming community
African woman on orange background with black ice cream silhouette on background
Cocoa pictogram
Awa profile drawing
African woman holding certificate of achievement
Flower pictogram


DOEL 5,000

Afgestudeerden van ons programma per juli 2022.

Sun pictogram
Cut out of fashion Designer Rebecca Zoro on red background
in collaboration with Magnum text above Magnum ice lolly illustration
African fashion item on read and green colour block background
Awa profile drawing
Ivorian style bracelet on a wrist on green background
Close up of Ivorian style wrap skirt modeled on orange background
Close up portrait of a woman on red background modeling small neck scarf
Close up portrait of african woman on orange background modeling large scarf wrapped around her head
Body shot of an african woman on green background modelling a Kamandje cape
Flower pictogram
Fashion designer Rebecca Zoro smiling - inside an african souvenir shop in an Ivorian cocoa farming community
Close image of African clothes
Group of Smiling women from the cocoa farming community sitting down in a plantation