Large illustration comprising multiples scenes: cocoa community workers, people eating Magnum ice cream, cocoa pods & vanilla, recycling bin, solar powered factory

Illustration by Aurélia Durand

Trio of icon illustrations representing Magnum's True Pleasure for the Future engagements: woman carrying cocoa pods, vanilla flower & cocoa pod trees
Illustration of a Magnum ice cream surrounded by Vanilla flowers and cocoa pods on top of a purple splash of colour
Icon of a vanilla flower and a cocoa pod in a circle
Illustration of two women sat in the grass enjoying a Magnum ice cream
Icon of two trees inside a circle
Illustration of solar panels on top of a factory
Illustration of an orange bird on a tree branch
Illustration of several open and closed cocoa pods on top of a purple circle
Illustration of a couple of workers from our cocoa farming community
Icon of a woman in a circle, carrying cocoa pods in a basket
Illustration of a woman cocoa farmer speaking on her phone whilst holding a book next to her son with his school bag on his back.
Illustration of a cacao tree with cocoa pods in a blue circle
Illustration of vanilla flowers and vanilla pods in a cream coloured circle