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Magnum Meets Fashion



This Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 2016, Magnum the premium ice cream brand collaborated with designer Monisha Jaising and created a collection that was sinful, flirty, oh so sophisticated and was a perfect ODE TO WOMANHOOD. The collection celebrated every aspect and characteristics that make women who they are. Magnum & The Monisha Jaising Label share a real commitment to craftsmanship and the collection was a decadent creation that promised to take audiences beyond the realm of the visual and tactile. 

The collection

Designed for a true Pleasure Seeker, the Magnum and Monisha Jaising woman is confident, flirty, spontaneous, proactive, dramatic, and someone with an element of mystique. Through this collection, Monisha aimed to give women the power to alter and enhance every day experiences and make time for more personal pleasure.The collection celebrated every aspect and characteristics that make women who they are. Magnum and the Monisha Jaising Label shared a real commitment to craftsmanship and the show was a decadent creation that took audiences visual and tactile plane. Each of the ensembles personifies the signature Magnum elements – from its rich Belgian chocolate brown drapes swirled with pristine vanilla, to the distinctive crack that carefully contour the silhouettes alongside the glistening and bold golden hues.

The collection

The luxurious crepe fabric combined with an uneven hand woven reflective graphic, takes its idea from the “Magnum Crack” – which, represents the first bite that people inherently recognize as their “Magnum Pleasure Moment”. While luxe featherweight lame, finely pleated metallic satin and fluid silk breathe life into the designer’s evening wear collection. Turning the ordinary into extraordinary with clever color blocking technique and proportions that celebrated the arrival of spring.

Overall the collection was extremely playful, flirty and one that was a true feast for audiences senses.


The Showstopper

The showstopper

Stopping the show was the stunning Lisa Haydon who brought a vivacious energy to the ramp as she glided down in a heavy duty, all-over textured “Rockstar” gown, completely hand embroidered with multiple gold metal elements. Adding movement was the rich gold fringing, which bleeds from the texture with strategic star shape cut-outs that added fun to the couture piece, revealing just enough! Known for her embroidery and beading, Jaising puts her detailing expertise to rendering a constellation of stars in complete mod-style; whereby the wearable work of art looked more engineered than sewn. What added to the galm quotient, was the elegantly embellished signature Magnum clutch inspired by the premium ice-cream brand’s ‘Classic’ variant that completed Lisa’s look.


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