Wavey text 'wherever pleasure takes you', above the illustration of a pink shimmery river surrounded by pink mountain
Decorative arch window illustration with a Magnum ice cream shape insert.
Singer song-writer Troye Sivan inside a graphic arch window on a colourful background
Troye Sivan's Make My Magnum, Magnum Classic, chocolate drizzled and covered with three delicious toppings
Magnum Classic covered in pink cocoa velvet spray and a beautiful handwritten 'Honey' type
Nicky Doll, Iggy Pop and Troye Sivan at the Magnum live listening event in Cannes
Charlie XCX at the Magnum Dipping bar in Cannes
Uber Eats Logo
Deliveroo Logo
Prime Now Logo
Magnum Euphoria Pink Lemonade ice cream stick surrounded by Raspberry & lemon ingredients - Delivered Frozen with care icon