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Almond and Chocolate: A Match Made in Heaven

Have a look at the harmony between almond and chocolate. Crunchy nutty almond is even more delectable alongside thick and cracking chocolate. Ever since the 18th century, expert chocolatiers have been experimenting with the special combination of almond and chocolate. 

Almond And Chocolate

Almond and Chocolate: The Perfect Pair

One of the first recipes combining chocolate and almond was in 1742’s The Compleat Housewife.

The book only featured one chocolate recipe – crunchy and sweet chocolate almonds.

Today, we combine chocolate and almonds in many different ways. From chocolate-covered almondsand chocolate almond milk, to chocolate and almond ice cream; the possibilities are endless.

Whether you pair your almonds with white chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate will completely change your taste experience.

Smooth white chocolate and almond cookies will keep even the sweetest sweet tooth satisfied.

For true decadence, bake a dark chocolate and almond cake for your next dinner party.

Indulge with Magnum Almond

Our Magnum Almond is made of velvety vanilla ice cream, encased in thick and cracking chocolate and studded with almonds.

Magnum Almond is made with our highest quality cocoa, roasted almond pieces and velvety vanilla ice cream. True indulgence.

Give into pleasure, and indulge in your Magnum Almond.