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Ice cream near me

Where to buy ice cream near me

It’s been a long day and you feel hot and bothered. How can you cool down? In the comfort of your own home without leaving your sofa, or stepping out of the front door.

Well, now you can order an ice cream delivery straight to you. Just search for The Ice Cream Store on Deliveroo, or The Dessert Shop on UberEats, and tap the “I want ice cream store” button. Select the location, enter in your postcode and the time you would like your icy indulging treat delivered. You can get ice cream when you want and wherever you want.

An image of Tubs and Bites

How about creating your own bundle so you can mix and match any of Magnum’s decadent tubs? Crack into a Belgian milk chocolate shell and delve into velvety vanilla ice cream. Delight in the thick chocolate shards nestled in the smooth ice cream.

Whatever the occasion, a girls night in, a Netflix series binge, a movie night or that moment when you crave something sweet in the evening, ordering ice cream straight to your door has never been easier.

An image of Tubs and Bites

Or think about pairing the right ice cream flavour with your meal. Why not choosing a Magnum Double Gold Caramel Billionaire  or White chocolate tub for dessert?

When you are short of time, just click onto the ice cream delivery store to order the ultimate indulgent treat in an evening. A chocolate experience in every spoonful.