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ELLE x Magnum Passion Points 

In the Pursuit of Purpose We Find Our Pleasure.

One of life’s true pleasures? When passion and purpose collide. Magnum, together with ELLE Magazine, have set out to spotlight a handful of women fearlessly pursuing that in life which brings them pleasure. From confronting lack of diversity within journalism to creating protective wear for key workers and more; these young women stay true to pleasure whilst fulfilling their purpose within their respective fields. Inhibitions abandoned, a world reimagined­ – we’re celebrating those who pursue and bring about positive change. Here’s to the empowered, may they continue to empower us. 

At Magnum we champion true pleasure. Being true to pleasure is to boldly embrace whatever it is that makes you, you. We celebrate those who aren’t afraid of expressing themselves through fashion, and proudly show the world who they are and what they believe in.

Introducing Bethany Williams. Bethany embodies all that we stand for when it comes to pursuing her passion. She is fearless in the face of uncertainty and freely chases change with little inhibition. As an emerging fashion designer, Bethany has received recent press coverage on her sustainable fashion line and has also been working tirelessly to provide NHS workers with PPE throughout the Covid-19 crisis. Last year, Bethany was named one of the stars of the 2019 ELLE List, a partnership with Magnum ice cream that celebrates the next generation of trailblazers and game-changers reframing their industries. This is a woman to watch. 


Taking pleasure in what you do hits the sweet spot for us; and we champion the thinkers, makers and activists who have found the path to inspiring their community. Introducing Rose Electra Harris, a London-based artist focused on elevating unsung furnishings, using a vivid palette to create dreamlike dialogues. To Rose, everyday items are sources of endless inspiration. Much like the antiques her father used to bring home. That triggered a passion for the interior, for her craftmanship. Her art is a place where she could be herself, a place very similar to home.  Across Covid-19, Rose has been running online drawing tutorials, with proceeds going to frontline organisations, as well as Women’s Aid. Get inspired with Rose.

At Magnum we champion fearless pleasure seekers. Therefore, we’re spotlighting Liv Little due to her courage in confronting the lack of diversity within journalism and publishing head on with her platform gal-dem. As a contributing Editor to ELLE and one of the BBC’s 100 Women and number one BAME future leader of 2016/17, Liv is a force to be reckoned with in the journalism industry. Get inspired with Liv.