Mini Double Caramel Ice Cream Bar

Discover a fun-sized golden ratio and pamper your taste buds with Magnum ice cream Mini Double Caramel ice cream Bars. Classic vanilla bean ice cream is wrapped in a lusciously sweet caramel sauce and dipped in a gooey chocolatey layer before being covered again in a 44% cacao milk chocolate shell. Made with Belgian chocolate, this mini ice cream is created by Magnum ice cream, the chocolatiers of ice cream. Sweet, creamy and decadent, these layered mini cream treats are the perfect mini indulgence for whenever your chocolate or caramel cravings strike. Just reach of these snackable ice cream bars and bite into that rich cracking shell. It’s the decadent layers that make these mini ice cream desserts so unique. Double dipping the small ice cream bar in chocolate and the sweet caramel sauce in between creates a luxurious bite before you even get to the velvety vanilla ice cream underneath. Mini ice cream treats have never been so indulgent, even if they are only 170 calories per bar. From their mini snacks size to their high quality ingredients, it only takes one luxurious bite to fall in love with Magnum Double Caramel mini ice cream bars. To purchase this caramel, chocolate and vanilla ice cream bar, check out the store locator in the links below.

Serving Size 1 bar
Servings Per Container 6  


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